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When was the last time you went on Safari?

I ventured off to the Kruger National Park just last week, without even leaving my living room

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The African bush is one of the most magical experiences any child or adult can enjoy. You are surrounded by natures beauty and majestic creatures; great and small. was created in 2006 with the purpose of creating LIVE wildlife content from all over the world. They bring the world to your living room in the most spectacular way.

Last week, my kids and I visited the Kruger National Park by joining their sunset game drive. We rode with experienced park rangers whose knowledge of the environment and animals was simply mindblowing. For my children, this was something truly out of this world. While we spend our fair share of time watching the likes of Blue Planet, having the option to send in questions that are answered on air was the ultimate in immersive TV.

Our rangers took us to a hyena den where we waited with bated breath to see the newborn pups, sighed as we saw a little elephant calf among its family at a waterhole and giggled as we watched the smallest hippo disappear and reappear from the water.

We chatted about giraffes and why they have horns and watched antelope stroll the bush. has created kid safaris that you can sign up for (here’s a link). It’s free and it’s exciting.

These safaris are aimed at kids aged 4-18. You join the drive with a view from the back of a virtual safari vehicle!

For 45 minutes, kids join safariLIVE and tour some of the most iconic wildlife areas in the world. They interact with expert naturalists in real-time, they drive through the African wilderness and ask questions about what they see. offers two game drives per day, not all Kid Safaris (where they actively try to avoid overly graphic scenes such as hunts, mating and carcasses), but equally spectacular and educational.

If you are hankering to get out into the bush and can’t wait any longer, watch – it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

I know one family that is literally addicted to watching the safaris every few days!

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