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Exploring the Hidden World of National Parks

A truly incredible, immersive experience of national parks in America.

Image source: Google Arts & Culture

Created by Google Cultural Institue, The Hidden Worlds of National Parks takes you on an interactive adventure through five parks.

From the depths of Bryce Canyon to the ice-cold fjords of Alaska, you can explore these parks like never before… from the comfort of your own home.

While most dream of travelling to exciting destinations around the world, few people will get to do everything. Now, you have the option to visit five national parks and be guided through your journey by the rangers that work there. Whether you are planning to visit or simply want to escape from the confines of your home, this is the perfect tool.

I spent ages yesterday snorkelling through the reefs of The Dry Tortugas National Park where I also learnt about how the historic Fort Jefferson was once used as a prison in the Civil War. I ventured up close to a live volcano in Hawaii and looked up from the bottom of a cavern in Alaska.

I’ll leave you and your family to enjoy the experience for yourselves. Indulge in the beauty and marvel at the sheer magnitude of natures power. Embrace the adventure.

Explore the Hidden Worlds of National Park here with Google Arts & Culture.

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