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Earth Day 2020: Celebrating Mother Earth

Every year on 22 April, Earth Day is celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day held in 1970. With the majority of the world in some sort of lockdown, the movement seems more relevant today than ever befor

Why I love Switzerland

Before having children, the most time I had spent in Switzerland was transferring from Geneva airport to the hire car to head off to Italy or France. The drive was pretty, but I hadn’t really thought of staying as I was always en-route somewhere else. Little did I know what I was missing.

Luxury and family travel aren’t mutually exclusive.

Travelling with children doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxury you have become accustomed to. While some hotels and resorts don’t allow children to visit there are plenty of exclusive and luxurious options that do.

What makes a hotel or resort ideal for a luxury family holiday is not that it is a family resort specifically, but rather that they cater for people travelling with kids. This may seem like the same thing but there is a huge difference between properties with bright colours and children’s entertainers around every corner, and a luxurious hotel offering five-star service, fine dining, spas and childcare or kids activities.

Couch Safari

The African bush is one of the most magical experiences any child or adult can enjoy. You are surrounded by natures beauty and majestic creatures; great and small.
Last week, my kids and I visited the Kruger National Park by joining a sunset game drive without leaving my living room, courtesy of

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Exploring the Hidden Worlds of National Parks

From the depths of Bryce Canyon to the ice-cold fjords of Alaska, you can explore these parks like never before… from the comfort of your own home.
Visit five national parks and be guided through your journey by the rangers that work there.

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That dreaded moment

It happens to all of us, sooner or later... You're casually planning your next trip away. Fantasising about beautiful white sandy beaches, cocktails by the pool and lovely walks at sunset. It will be perfect. You head over to your favourite airline and wham! It hits...

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Whistler with the Family: Summer Edition

If adventure is at the heart of a memorable family getaway, Whistler is a tough destination to beat. Venture this way and you’ll have landed in Canadian outdoors at it’s best with so many ways to explore it boggles the mind. It's hard to sip a drink in this town...

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Time of their life in Dubai

Dubai is a magical city, it sparkles and is full of exciting adventures for young and old. Besides the gorgeous beaches, enchanting souks and the spectacular architecture, Dubai is a wonderland of entertainment, some you might not even expect. So if you find yourself...

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